What is Raw Food?

Raw foodism (or rawism) is a lifestyle that focuses on eating foods that are raw and unprocessed. Often is organic (organic) food a large part of what is consumed.

“Raw food’ere” are often of the opinion of the more raw food you eat, the more health-promoting effects. Those who live the raw food lifestyle is typically divided into two groups. One of them consume a large extent only raw vegetarian while others prefer raw meat and other products derived from animals.

Depending on the type of raw food livvstil you live for and what result you want, the following are examples of content in various raw food meals. Raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, eggs, fish (such as. Sashimi), meat (such as. Carpaccio), and milk products that are not pasteurized or homogenized (such as raw milk, raw milk cheese and raw milk yogurt.

The raw material is heated not above 40 degrees, and using the dehydrator, you can watch the temperature. This is to preserve nutrients as much as possible.

Raw Food is not only green salads, but also smoothies, puddings, soups, pÔtÚs, pizza, cakes, ice cream, juices, salads, tacos, desserts and much more. The procedure is slightly different.
Remember that food will be the most alive, and that raw food is more a lifestyle than a fashion diet. Good luck!

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