Yoga, Energy and You

What does our body go? It consists, in addition to meat and bone, even of energy. Your body’s driving force is known as the KJ of energy. The energy in our body flows along with something called meridians, energy pathways in our body. It can cause energy blockages, ie the energy stops at certain points, these points are known as acupuncture points in the body. The body has an energy center, it is 5 cm down the navel and 5 cm into.

How does an energy blockade?

The energy follows your attention. Ideally, the attention turned towards the body’s energy centers and away from the head. But the outside world requires a lot of attention and most of us think too much, resulting in the energy turned up towards the head instead of down at the energy center. This means that our energy stagnates and we symptoms such as stress, anxiety, aggression, stomach problems, etc. With yoga exercises, you can open up the energy blockade.


An easy way to strengthen the body’s energy centers, and cause the energy flows through the body properly, is a practice called “intestinal exercises’. This exercise can be done during the day while driving, sitting in the office, or before you get out of bed in the morning. It can be done sitting, standing, vast landscape. You can choose whether you want to keep your hands on your stomach for a better focus. Then you can rest your thumbs in your navel and keep pointing fingers together, such that forms a triangle with your hands. Where pekefingerene come together is the point you should focus on. Push the belly out as far as you can, but use your muscles and not breathing. Pull your stomach back in as far as you can, and again use your muscles and not breathing. Make sure you are right in the back and tail bone turned slightly so that your back is bent. The chest should be relaxed and only the abdominal section to be moved. The breath should move smoothly and quietly. Breathe fresh new energy into the nose and breathing stagnant energy out through your mouth.

This exercise can be beneficial and make 1000-3000 times a day. You do not have to do all of 3000 at a time. Example, you can do 1000 times in the morning before getting out of bed, 1000 after the job, and 1000 before going to bed. During the exercise, try to relax your mind and just focus on the body. This can be very challenging at first, but will eventually become easier.

You will after some time feel that you master stress far better than before and the head will feel much clearer. There are a lot of stagnant energy that accumulates in the abdominal region. You may initially experience a lot of pain with this exercise, and many also experience nausea. Then you can enjoy, despite the unpleasantness, the body is in the process of freeing themselves of stagnant energy and is already starting to get stronger. This exercise becomes easier the more you do it, and you will immediately feel better and better.

Good luck!

Regards, Helen Nyquist